Buthena Shaaban

Buthena Shaaban

ButhenaShaaban is born in 1953 and currently serves as media consultant for Republican Palace. she had served as Minister of Expatriates Syrian by Presidential Decree issued by president Bashar al-Assad and Judge amendment Ministerial Syrian Arab Republic in February 2006.

Dr. Shaaban holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Warwick in England. She had worked as a director of the Department of Foreign Media in Syrian Foreign Ministry since 2002. Professor of poetry and comparative literature in the English department of Damascus University and a professor of world literature in graduate studies in the same section. She is also a member of Kitts and Chile Association in the United States of America, where many publications, writings  and books have been issued in English and Arabic.

She has announced on behalf of Syrian Government the lifting of Emergency State in 2011,within a series of reforms by President Bashar Al-Assad, thus she has appeared as a spokesman of the presidential media Bureau.

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