Jacques Beres: most of Aleppo’s fighters are foreigners

Jacques Beres: most of Aleppo’s fighters are foreigners

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Source: Breaking News Network - Agencies
Category: Politics - Syria
2012-09-09 10:48:20


New revelations about militants fighting against the Syrian government suggest that a majority of insurgents involved in armed operations in Syria are foreigners.

Jacques Beres, the co-founder of Doctors without Borders, who recently treated insurgents in Aleppo, revealed that 60% of armed rebels he treated during his two-week stay in Aleppo city were non-Syrian.

“Some of the insurgents directly said they were not very much interested about the falling of Syrian Government and leadership.

They said that they’re thinking ahead that to take the power to become an Islamic state with the Sharia… Some of them were also French,” the French doctor said.

His accounts confirm statements by Damascus that foreign insurgents are also fighting against the Syrian army.

A large number of these foreign nationals have been killed or arrested in clashes with the Syrian Arab Army forces.

Analysts believe the militants do not hesitate to commit inhumane crimes, because they have nothing to lose by destroying Syria. 

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