Damascus’ plan to secure and ensure the displaced families

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29 August ,2012  14:47 PM

Section : Flash

An Exclusive Source confirmed to Breaking News Network that the current issue of the displaced families of who took the Schools of Damascus city as a shelter has been close to be solved.

The source said that if the families to be put of Schools, there is no other available places for them.

The source added that the some schools will remain used as a shelter for the displaced families.

Maintenance workshops have started now the rehabilitation of some areas but their work at many times is delayed due to be targeted by the armed groups.

On the other hand, the security operations have not finished yet, what forces the families to stay longer in the schools.

The source concluded that all await the officials in Damascus province to being out the final plan within the couple days.

The plans, added the source, aim to find the shelter for the families, identifying the number of individuals and providing all that they need.

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