Al-Qaeda slaughters 3 Syrians, including a Christian monk.

Al-Qaeda slaughters 3 Syrians, including a Christian monk.

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Source: Breaking News Network- Exclusive
Category: Politics - Syria
2013-06-26 15:32:14

Al-Nusra Front has committed a massacre in the right of a Christian priest and two other Christian guys.

Social media has published a videotape shows a dozens of the foreign terrorists rallied around the 3 handcuffed people. They started yelling Allah Akbar- God is the greatest- before slaughtering them

The videotape shows that features the face of one of the three martyrs apply to the face of the father Francois landmarks Murad, a Franciscan monk of Deir Ghassaniya near Homs, which has been fully vandalized and looted by a group of terrorists.

The official of the Franciscan Order in Syria Father Halim Nujaym has said "I want the world that the West supports the extremists and helps in the killing the Christians," he said, adding "this situation will not remain a single Christian in these areas."

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